Our vision is to deliver industry leading service in oil/gas inspection services. We achieve this through our unique approach and dedication to our customers and our employees. We believe that the level of service provided directly relates to the quality of life that each person at Maverick NDT experiences. We ensure that each employee understands each customer's specific needs and create a direct link between our customers and the employees providing the service.

Our Vision.


What sets MAVERICK NDT apart from its competitors? MAVERICK NDT takes a unique approach to its business model. Seeking out and providing only the best in employees and equipment. 

  • We seek out the most qualified safety inspectors in each of our markets.

  • Our inspectors go through rigorous training and safety program.

  • Customer Safety and Service is Job #1.

  • We seek out the latest in technology to better serve our customer's needs. 

  • We provide varied service alternatives for our customers.

MAVERICK NDT's approach to doing business is researching customer needs and meeting those customer's needs head on, sometimes even before they know they need that service. 


Company Profile.


Maverick NDT, LLC is headquartered near Weston, WV .